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We specialize in real estate in San Antonio de Belen and surrounding areas. Real Estate Belen has the support of our mother company; Land of the Sun Real Estate, which has more than 8 years of experience in the real estate field. We focus on delivering the excellent customer service in combination with the best properties in the area.

San Antonio is a beautiful and prosperous town surrounded by mountains. This town offers the visitors a quiet and welcoming environment in one of the most recognized area in Costa Rica, not to mention the spectacular views towards the mountains and the convenience of being located just a few minutes by bus from downtown San José, Heredia and Alajuela. Because of its prime location in Costa RicaÕs Central Valley, San Antonio de Belen has quickly become a favorite real estate destination.

The weather

The weather in San Antonio de Belen is very nice: a bit hot during the mornings and very fresh in the evenings; with temperatures oscillating between 68º F and 78º F, all year around. There are two seasons in Costa Rica: Dry season with very little rain is generally from November/December to May/April; during this season, the weather is sunny and fresh. The green or wet season lasts the rest of the year, generally itÕs raining during the afternoon, and the mornings usually are sunny.

Its people

People from San Antonio de Belen are cheerful, hard working, courteous, and friendly. Mostly, they are middle class and they have a comfortable life style.

A wide range of places and activities

San Antonio offers to the visitors a wide range of places and activities to spend free time. Here you may find movie theaters, restaurants, bars, gyms, coffee shops, grocery stores and many more. Also, San Antonio de Belen is very near to Lindora and Santa Ana, areas of great real estate interest. In addition, San Antonio de Belen has an amphitheater for national and international concerts of classical and popular artists. The theater is another option in San Antonio for cultural activity on weekend.


In San Antonio de Belen you can find all the amenities needed. Banks, stores, shopping centers, public transportation, pharmacies, restaurants, everything you need. For those who prefer more active pastimes, San Antonio is surrounded by mountains where is possible to do horse ride or to do hike at the mountain.

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